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Peal compositions by David G Hull

Welcome to my re-designed peal compositions website. I am still working to iron out one or two technical problems, but the compositions available represent the vast majority of my rung collection. I have also started including some un-rung compositions and these will be added to over time; I will also increase the search facilities. Please let me have any comments you have.

Since 2002 the focus of my attention has switched from Royal and above to the generation of compositions and methods on 8; the aim in most cases has been to maximise runs at the front and back, concentrating in the first instance on 5678s and 8765s. The methods are broadly in two categories - those with B falseness and those with D falseness. There have been several series - the York Bars, the York Colleges and the York Diocese Cistercian Abbeys - and all are worth ringing (but then I would say that).

I have attempted to formalise the presentation of musical characteristics of each composition, using the format generated from John Goldthorpe's SuperProve peal proving program. This hopefully gives, at a glance, an indication of the various quantifiable musical features; work on the Maximus compositions is still to be completed.

I'm always happy to undertake commissions for methods and compositions - if you have a particular requirement, please email me at davidghull@gmail.com.

Please ensure that you prove for yourself any composition that appears on this site which you intend to call - I hope that the data is 100% accurate but typographical errors can easily creep in - please let me know if you find any!

Recently rung compositions:

5152 Lord Deramore Surprise Major(rung 3 November 2010)
5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal(rung 24 October 2010)
5136 Bristol Surprise Maximus(rung 23 October 2010)
5088 Celtic Manor Surprise Major(rung 6 October 2010)
5024 Tang Hall Surprise Major(rung 18 September 2010)
5096 Skipton Alliance Major(rung 1 August 2010)
5040 Padiham Alliance Major(rung 10 July 2010)
5088 Heslington East Surprise Major(rung 7 July 2010)
5024 Mitchell Delight Major(rung 6 June 2010)
5044 Bristol Surprise Maximus(rung 26 April 2010)
5040 2 methods Spliced Surprise Royal(rung 24 April 2010)
5152 Clementhorpe Delight Major(rung 7 April 2010)
5152 Wormald's Cut Delight Major(rung 3 February 2010)
5088 Bustardthorpe Delight Major(rung 2 December 2009)
5090 Bristol Surprise Maximus(rung 21 November 2009)
10092 Stedman Cinques(rung 14 November 2009)
5216 Kimberlow Hill Delight Major(rung 4 November 2009)
5088 5 methods Spliced Surprise Maximus(rung 1 November 2009)
5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus(rung 17 October 2009)
5088 Fork Handles Surprise Major(rung 9 October 2009)